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Story. Visual. Impact.

Hi! I'm Alex. I'm a visual storyteller and I want to help you craft your brand's identity.

Design and marketing isn't easy. Let me help. I have a lot of experience crafting my own brand identity and making it personable.

These are the skills I provide:


I have a passion for making things look pretty and appealing. Do you need a refresh? I got you! I have experience in running many social media campaigns and other marketing sprints. 


I'm a writer. I romanticize everything. I believe the most inanimate object can have the most moving and animating story. See the love in the little things. Let me help you tell your story. 


I graduated in June 2022 with a degree in Interactive Media Design. I have extensive experience in UX design and UI design. Like I said, I like making things look pretty! They must also be functional.


I love writing, have I mentioned that? Writing is an art form and is the basis of good marketing. I have the ability to match established IP and tie emotion into it to create a compelling story.

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